Marriage Certificate Translation

May 31, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage certificate Translation is considered as one of the most prominent areas of document translation, for the role it plays in legal procedures applied worldwide.

This includes marriage contract and its registration abroad or marrying natives of foreign countries. This marriage certificate is also used in applying for a residence, visa, immigration or even the divorce procedures.

Forming the details of marriage documents differ from a country to another. For instance, the translation of Syrian marriage certificate differs widely from the translation of Saudi marriage certificate.

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Marriage Certificate Translation dar maajim - Marriage Certificate Translation
Marriage Certificate Translation dar maajim

As we pursuit to present professional translation for marriage related document, we hired those of a great ability to translate these papers rigorously and professionally. The translators we hire at Dar Alma’ajim International Translation Company are committed to the criteria and rules that each country demands and can present sworn certified translation for marriage certificates.

The team, we include at Dar Alma’ajim and assign tasks to, are a group of qualified, skilled translators who are of a wide knowledge of what it takes to be an expert translator.

We have legalized translators who are able to provide translations in various languages, as in:

  • German marriage certificates translation.
  • English marriage certificates translation.
  • French marriage certificates translation.
  • Chinese marriage certificates translation.
  • Spanish (español) marriage certificates translation.

Translate Marriage Certificate to English

Dar Alma’ajim International Translation Company has gained its huge fame through years of satisfying the customers by providing them translated documents of a high quality, specifically in Marriage Certificate Translation field. No need to search any more for reputable platforms to translate marriage certificate to English or any other language pair. Once you request the service, we reach you immediately for any inquiries and then the mission is assigned to a certified translator.

The translator then reviews the rules and regulations of the country in which the translated document is to be used.

After processing translation, the document goes directly to the proof reading team who get the document attested, checked and organized. They target at reaching the levels of quality the client requires.

the team starts to compare the target language with the source one and check whether the dates, names and numbers are conveyed accurately. Finally, they upload the final writing copy. The client gets notified via email that the document is ready to be received.

It is worth to mention that the company translates also urgent marriage certificates and relevant documents in many countries worldwide.

How to determine the cost?

Once you deliver us the document you need to translate, the process of counting words is applied at once and then we confirm you the cost. The price differs according to the fast delivery as well. In all cases, we present to you competitive prices compatible to your own budget.

Is there a Marriage Certificate Translation office near me?

Dar Alma’ajim company reaches you wherever you are as it developed an online platform for the purpose of widening and expanding its reach to access different countries all over. No more trouble, because it is now applicable to reach us by just one click.

The company is specialized at presenting Kuwait services in various translating fields like those of translating birth certificates, official legal documents, licensing translation, accurate governmental papers, family status forms, passports and technical translations.

In addition, the company provides highly professional Marriage Certificate Translation by experienced translators. No need for your searches to find expertise agencies. YOU FIND ALL YOU NEED AT OUR COMAPNY!

We provide the best translating solutions for our customers as we seek to present help to those who are having translating issues. No matter in which country you are staying or which language do you speak, we got it all! Indonesian, Dutch, Urdu, Indian or Pakistani, we are the best provider in translating industry you may look for. As we got legislation and accreditation from the Kuwaiti embassy to practice translation, we aim at:

  •  Instant reach.
  • Accurate accredited translation.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Competitive prices offer.
  • Meeting the need for a high quality production.

What are the requirements for wedding certificate translation?

For getting a Marriage Certificate Translation, there is some essential requirements you need to follow:

  1. Personal identification of the applicant like a copy of the national ID.
  2. An official certified copy of the document to be translated after being approved and stamp it with the seal of the Secretary-General and paying the charge.
  3. Translation free payment receipt.

For the documentation of the married native couple, Procedures begin with the husband and wife directing in person to the headquarters of the Personal Status Documentation Office at the Ministry of Justice, which is specifically responsible for documenting marriage contracts for foreigners.

The contract stipulated that the age of the husband and wife should not be less than 18 years. The residency of the foreigner must also be tourist or temporary and this is done by stamping the passport from the Passports Authority.

As for the documents and papers required for authentication:

  1. A certificate from the embassy to which the foreign party is affiliated with his marital status, age, religion, profession, income and residence address, and a certificate of no objection in marriage.
  2. A certificate from any health office with a medical examination for both husband and wife.
  3. Bring 5 recent personal photos.

How to receive a marriage certificate in English?

Before having your Marriage Certificate Translation to English, You must first specify the form of translation needed, then decide where and by whom it should be done.

You can consult with the institution or entity that requested it to see whether it needs to be approved or notarized. It will be easier for you to receive the kind of translation you exactly need.

In general, there are three types of translations that are normally performed for a marriage certificate that is being translated into English or another language. There are the following:

  • Certified translation: This kind of translation is done by a licensed translator or a translation agency, including a signed translation certificate (attached to or inserted after the translated document), attesting to the quality and completeness of the translation.
  • Notarized translation: A specialist translator or a translation company is also used. The translator, on the other hand, completes, certifies, and signs the translation in front of a notary public, who then notarizes it. As a result, the translation certification should be notarized sworn statement that is accurate and authentic to the best of the notary public’s knowledge and capacity.
  • Simple translation: This is normally accomplished by someone who is fluent in both the source and target languages, such as a friend, relative, or family member (like English). Since there is no certification or notarization, it cannot be guaranteed to be recognized in any legal or official procedure.

If you’re wondering how to get a marriage certificate translated into English quickly and easily, the response is simple: contact us and we’ll get it translated for you at the lowest price possible. We also guarantee that our translation will be approved by a certified immigration office.

Best Marriage Certificate Translation Service

Post a project NOW and get free quotes from our translators!

Dear clients! We are at your service. As Marriage certificate Translation is categorized under technical field of translation, we undertake the mission of providing a translation of a quality identical to the original text.

As Dar Alma’ajim International Company has gained its huge fame among other companies out of years of experience, we highly assure you that we are up to your levels of expectations.

We are legalized from embassies to present our true help to customers in the various fields of translation, law translation and court- related papers, technical, medical and financial translations.

To translate wedding certificates, a translator should be aware of the legislation and policy of such affairs of the country where the certificate is used. Fortunately, we have those translators who got such knowledge on board.

So what are you waiting for? You have trouble with your papers for immigration or travelling? Contact us now and get your quote as fast as you need.

Are there confidentiality about my personal information?


Dar Alma’ajim Company promises to preserve the info and keeps its absolute privacy concerning legal documentations and personal info when received during the process of translating wedding certificates.

Marriage Certificate in Arabic

Should you need to translate your marriage certificate in Arabic or other language, we will be more that happy to deliver fine-tuned accredited translation of your documents.

For couples planning to relocate abroad, official Marriage Certificate Translation and apostille goes hand in hand.

Dar Alma’ajim has built a large network of trained sworn linguists all over the world to accomplish this, allowing it to stand out among other marriage certificate translation agencies. Many satisfied customers who wanted marriage certificates for passport procedures had their needs met by Dar Alma’ajim Company.

Worthily to mention, the company specializes in a wide range of professional and official document translation services, including marriage certificate translation, but not exclusively.

According to the company’s experts, a successful and faithful translation does not have to be costly, and this slogan can be seen in the company’s operations, from obtaining a document to the customer’s satisfaction with the final product.

Marriage Certificate Arabic Translation

What makes us distinguished?

  • We have a live connection with our skilled translators, so we can translate marriage certificates from any state, city, community or country.
  • We can also easily and accurately translate every other significant document from many languages into English. Simply tell us the original language and the language into which it needs to be translated. Send us the content and leave the rest to us.
  • Universal Translation Services is an ISO-certified organization, which means we follow the highest standards in order to assist you in obtaining a certified copy and translated certificate.
  • You can only get high-quality translations from us! Simply make sure you send us all of your supporting documents and we get you the Marriage Certificate Translation you need.
  • We understand that a visa application or interview is a time-sensitive job, so we guarantee a fast turnaround time. Depending on the availability of our translators and the source language, the majority of our translations in any official language are sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours.
  •  Competitive rates as we understand that the budget of expat people requesting a quote differs, so we offer good rates at the service we provide.

Marriage Certificate Translation from English to Arabic

Do you need a fast translation of your marriage certificate into Arabic? Dar Alma’jim Translation Services is the most reliable translation company.

Our marriage certificate translation service is of the highest standard. Our team of certified marriage certificate translators has translated several certificates from Arabic to other languages and vice versa.

We will provide you with the best translation services at very reasonable rates, regardless of where you live in the world.

Simply email us or complete the Free Quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have same-day express translation.

We got an entire department of expert translators and linguists for the purpose of achieving our main target. If you got government- related documents, projects, articles or Id card papers that need to be translated, then you have come to the right place.

Countries vary and the world gets bigger, though we completely reach you from any place in the world.

Traditional translation solutions are no more applicable among the severe needs of the market. Therefore, we provide the best Marriage certificate Translation from English to Arabic solutions at affordable prices.

Certifying your documents or finding an expert office is of no trouble now, as our representative assures you accuracy during the process of simplified translation. We reach you within min and get your documents and copies issued in whichever size you need.

Certified Translation of Marriage Certificate.

Are you looking for a translation agency to get your wedding certificate translated?


do you need a legal certified translation to proceed with

your applications?

We would be happy to translate whatever legal documents you need in less than 24 hours. We are here to save you from the consistent and effortless search for a translation agency that would offer you exactly what you are looking for at affordable prices. Dar Alma’ajim as a Legalized and accredited agency leads an elite of qualified translation experts with long extensive experience in the field. Most of whom are sworn translators who have translated hundreds of wedding certificates.

We are your best option when it comes to legal translation. For not only we provide authorized professional translation with top quality and accuracy ensured, but also we guarantee its acceptability to the Government Authority, embassy, or whatever the official body you are dealing with.

Ask RIGHT NOW for a QUOTE fee-free with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is

on top of our priority.

Marriage Certificate Translation Template.

If you are a married immigrant in a foreign country or even want to immigrate, you will be asked for what’s called a marriage certificate. A marriage certificate is an official statement of your marriage, issued by the certifying body such as local courts in your home country.

In the case you still haven’t got your marriage license translated, we can have it translated for you in 10+ languages, depending on your target country.

We will also provide the most convenient acceptable template especially made for you. Dar Alma’ajim does not merely provide certified translation of marriage certificate, but also all legal translation required by any official body you are submitting to. No needs to worry about anything, for our professional bilingual experts are assigned to take care of everything from A to Z.

When it comes to legal translation, we are your best investment. We direct every bit of our dedication and complete devotion to providing you with the fastest, fulfilling services.

Not only will we offer you instant high-quality certified translations, but also at a competitive price. We are worthy of your TRUST. You may Contact us right now and benefit from our offers.

Mexican Marriage Certificate Translation Template.

If you are a Mexican immigrant or still striving to immigrate, many legal documents and papers would be required from you during the processes along with many official certificates like:

  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Divorce certificate (if divorced)
  • Death certificate

Having these certificates translated is of great necessity if you wish to travel abroad. As difficult as it might be for some to acknowledge, translating legal and official documents is very challenging at a different scale.

This sort of translation is fraught with many difficulties and challenges. The probability of making the slightest mistake must be zero. Any mistake in this specialized field would be palpable and have decisive consequences.

The translation of official documents must be carried out by a competent experienced expert to produce a legalised translation that meets the requirements to serve as an accepted official document in your target country.

Dar Alma’ajim provides a certified translation of marriage certificate and all other kinds of certificates you need in no time.

Send us all of your documents and we will have them translated for you in less than a day, from the moment we receive your quote no matter how many documents you need.

We lead a large team of helpful trained experts who are familiar with all the proceedings and with many areas of expertise in the business.

USCIS Marriage Certificate Translation Template.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is an agency in the United States that is mainly responsible for whatever is relevant to immigration, application for a work visa, certifications, citizenship, green card, and many other matters.

It’s the agency that head for when you are to travel abroad for the completion and preparation of the necessary documentation. If your target country is a non-native English-speaking country, you will require a translated version of these documents in the language of your target country.

Dar Alma’ajim as a pioneering certified translation company would provide you with whatever is needed concerning translation service. We supply a certified translation of marriage certificate, birth certificate, and all other legal documentation in 10+ foreign languages such as:

  •  Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Indian
  • Portuguese
  • Greek

Your project will be instantly assigned to reliable professional translators and taken care of the minute you send us an email with an attached pdf.

We direct our complete dedication and devotion to fulfill online fast delivery with the highest precision and efficiency. All you have to do is send us a QUOTE free of charge, and we will take care of the rest.

Marriage Certificate Translation Template Spanish to English.

If you are a Spanish resident, having a Marriage certificate needs to be translated. You are in the right place. Our office is one of the significant legal translation providers in Kuwait and the whole area.

We will format and provide you with the right template with guaranteed acceptance in both the target country with its legal rules and cultural references it contains.

Taking into consideration the divergence of the legal system and governments among various countries, we adapt our translation to fit into and meet the needed requirements with no meaning lost in translation.

For instance; the legal system in countries in the South America continent and Europe usually is based on the Roman law, unlike the common law that the civil legal systems of native English-speaking countries follow.

We have been in the industry for Years. We know exactly what you are looking for, and more importantly what you need.

We have specialists who are 24/7 at your services to supply a certifiedtranslation of marriage certificate, alongside any passports, bank technical documentation, letter, forums, etc.

We cover all the original context meaning to build a bridge for communication between the languages ​​without any complication or ambiguities, which makes our company a prominent position among other translation companies and alternatively, in the whole business.

Marriage Certificate Translation Form.

As hard as it might be for some to acknowledge, translating legal and official documents is very challenging at a different scale.

This kind of translation requires a high level of precision and accuracy. The resulting translation must be impeccable and as far as possible from any ambiguities.

For this reason, here at Dar Alma’ajim, the eventual translation is preceded by various quality assurance processes to ensure the highest quality our clients deserve with affordable pricing. It is also reviewed by specialist attorney or solicitor to secure its authenticity.

Our team includes competent specialists distinguished with their talent and ability to solve any potential complications in translation to be encountered with their intelligence and experience.

Our office is accredited by the Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Information Authority. So you needn’t worry about the certification of the translation.

Dar Alma’ajim has the most spread reputation of so many features not just based on our dedication and devotion but also the clients’ reviews, such as:

  • On-time delivery
  • Native translators with extensive experience.
  • Certified translations and translators
  • Quality assurance processes

If you haven’t contacted us yet, what are you waiting for..!!

We would be very glad to provide you with a certified translation of the marriage certificate

Where Can I Get a Certified Translation of a Foreign Marriage Certificate Near Me?

Considering the present universality and globalization we are witnessing, you don’t even have to go anywhere. All you need is a place with an internet connection.

We will provide you with all that you need online and with an instant reply in less than an hour. For a clear and vivid explanation, track the following steps that will guide you. Make sure you understand all stages.

If you encounter any difficulty comprehending any point contact us immediately, and one of our employee will get in touch with you instantly demonstrating whatever point you want, and won’t leave you till you have a clear picture, these are:

  • Choose the type of the translated document you need, whether certified or notarized.
  • Choose your preferable turnaround time.
  • Order a quote from our easy-to-use platform.
  • Check a sample of the translated document for any additional modifications you would like to add.
  • Receive the approved eventual document by email.
  • Pay with your preferred and trusted method and the currency you choose.

You are consistently being kept posted on the progressing process of translation, from our deliverance of your translation project and till the very end of the process.

There is no need to stress that our client’s confidentiality is one of our utmost priorities. All that concerns our clients is kept confidential by strict non-disclosure agreements.

You will be notified about all that concern the procedures step by step, and you will simply be provided with a stamped and certified translation of marriage certificate.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you are grappling with any questions. We are here for your satisfaction.

Marriage Certificate Translation from English to Arabic.

Marriage certificate translation is considered a technical translation, meaning that it varies from one country to another and even from a territory to another.

Nevertheless, we at Dar Alma’ajim offer stamped and certified translation, on time and within your budget. We are entrusted by many customers.

We formulate the translation form and context to meet your target country and the court or official body you submit to. For we have a whole large team of experts specialized merely for these technical sorts of translation.

No other company in the business offers an expeditious certified translation of marriage by advanced machine translation engines to ensure that the translation is academic, accurate, true, and completely equivalent to the content of the original document.

Send us an email with the documents, and we will email you back with all the details; the expected delivery time, how much it would cost, available payment method, etc.

English Translation of Marriage Certificate.

Need accurate certified translation?

We would be proud to tell you that most of our experts are sworn translators who would translate any document legally in 24 hours.

We gathered a worldwide team of specialists and professional linguists that allowed us to be ahead of the other companies and agencies in the business and made us stand out among them. Striving to build our own prevailing reputation in the market alongside nailing our clients’ satisfaction is one of our main objectives.

Dar Alma’ajim proudly offers certified translation of marriage certificate in the exact specific layout of the original document and in 10+languages to any spouse who would like to travel abroad.

we will do our best not just by delivering a fast high-quality translation that is certified and accepted in the governing bodies, but also by providing you with a lot of various services alongside the translation to ease the legal procedures. You are in good hands.

Our translators are the best in business. They have not just the perfect extensive experience needed, but also an adequate level of awareness and knowledge in diverse boundless fields in technical translation, enough to finish the job neatly and correctly.

To sum up, Dar Alma’ajim specializes in many sorts of translation including but not limited to legal translation with top quality and accuracy ensured and affordable prices. Feel free to check reviews of our clients and don’t hesitate to express your experience with us, add and confirm your own review.

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