police clearance certificate

May 31, 2021 @ 9:22 pm

What is police clearance certificate (PCC)?

A police clearance certificate, also known as a good conduct certificate, is a person’s criminal record. The purpose of requesting its issuance is to ensure that the person does not have any criminal record or financial and moral violations. Besides, he/she is not registered as a defendant or a precedent in criminal reports, and his/ her good conduct and behavior in the country from which the certificate is issued is proven. We are talking here in particular about the traffic and behavior certificate in the State of Kuwait.

police clearance certificate - police clearance certificate
police clearance certificate

The police clearance certificate is issued in both Arabic and English according to the applicant’s request to obtain that certificate. Fees for obtaining a criminal case search certificate vary in the State of Kuwait according to the applicant’s nationality for obtaining the criminal case investigation certificate.

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Examples of these languages are:

  • German
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Finally, good conduct certificate is vital to all individuals worldwide, not only Kuwait. It is impossible to apply for work, immigration, study, or obtain residency anywhere except after obtaining the criminal case research certificate. As it proves that that person has a reputation, good conduct, and has no criminal record.

Ministry of Interior’s website

Where can I get and translate police clearance certificate in Kuwait?

A police clearance certificate is available for citizens and residents of the State of Kuwait. It is also available for people who have previously resided in the country and live abroad.

You can apply for a police clearance certificate online through the Ministry of Interior website and/or the Kuwait Ministry of Interior application available on iTunes and Google Play. You can also visit one of the ministry’s service centers, submit an application and obtain a certificate after paying the prescribed fees via electronic payment cards. The following conditions may be applied to receive a national police clearance certificate Lahore online, such as for Kuwait.

Required documents:

  • A valid ID card issued by the State of Kuwait.
  • A copy of the customer’s passport.
  • A statement from the beneficiary acknowledging that he has no criminal records or pending criminal cases.
  • A recent personal photo, with a white background.
  • Active e-mail.

Kuwait is one of the most attractive countries for all nationalities from different parts of the world. Either to visit the tourist and entertainment places in it, which the State of Kuwait enjoys from other countries or to work in it as its high standard of living characterizes it. In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has diversified the sources of national income by relying on tourism, trade, and other means of national income.

The Good Conduct Certificate, also known as the police clearance certificate, is one of the most requested electronic services by citizens, residents, and expatriates to the State of Kuwait.

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Best police clearance certificate Dubai translation service

How to apply for a good conduct certificate in Dubai?

You can request a police clearance certificate authorised in Dubai through the Ministry of Interior website like the rest of the Emirates by requesting a certificate of good conduct and behavior of Dubai Police for electronic services, while the “Tamm” website for government services in the UAE provides both the good conduct and behavior certificate service for students and the issuance service Certificate of good conduct in Abu Dhabi for health professionals.

Who can request a certificate of good conduct in Dubai?

Health professionals from various disciplines can request a police clearance certificate in Dubai online through the Department of Health website. You can also go to the Department of Health’s actual headquarters, or contact the Dubai Government Call Center’s customer service. This service includes the investor, the citizen, the resident, and even the visitor and tourist.

Check required documents:

  • Personal photos.
  • Emirates Identified Card (a copy).
  • A copy of the family book (for citizens only).
  • Evaluation letter (for employees in the government sector who have been appointed in one of the companies affiliated with the health sector).

For tourists wishing to work in the UAE, they must translate this certificate into Arabic with high standards. These procedures are followed in every country to ensure that a person’s criminal record is free of judicial precedents or current judgments. Therefore, we advise you to translate this document at Dar Alma’ajim International Company to obtain an internationally certified and notarized translation from the Ministry of Justice. The company provides a translation service (all kinds of legal files, contracts, identity cards, driver’s licenses, etc.). Do not hesitate to request the service now with ease and at an affordable price.

Dubai police clearance certificate for all categories:

What is needed essentially at getting a police clearance certificate in Dubai for all categories of the society, is to be having a valid email, valid Emirates ID and a photo of the applicant with a white background. The certificate could be acquired at Police Stations and General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID).

Dubai police clearance frame is a proof of your good, secure conduct. It is available for applicants who are residing in UAE and for those who are no longer residing in there. The certificate is issued by police departments across the UAE. In addition, it indicates that a person is not accused of any criminal guilt and does not have any criminal precedents.

Applying for a certificate online is applicable now  through the Ministry of Interior’s website or their smartphone app MOI UAE available on Google Play.

The following are required:

  • A valid emirates ID.
  • A letter from the beneficiary stating that he/she have not got any pending criminal convictions.
  • A recent passport-size of photographs.
  • A copy of the passport of applicant.

Why would I need Police clearance certificate Kuwait?

Finding a position to fit in abroad may be a hard task to take, it takes much searching, and a great effort and costs to find suitable opportunities for you. Definitely the last thing you would want is that your papers obstruct your journey, don’t you?! Do you want to risk that?

Then you need to get a police clearance certificate in order to guarantee the convenience of your visits. Those certificates are for people who wish to immigrate, travel for work or business and also when requiring a visa.

The police clearance certificate Kuwait tracks your criminal record whether you are with a clean history or vice versa, and is required as a part of the visa process. Certificates contain impending prosecutions, and offences which are under investigation.

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How to get Kuwait police clearance certificate?


Requiring a Kuwaiti police clearance certificate is applicable to get at passport services centers, federal embassies, police centers and embassies related services. Though, there are common steps you nead to read carefully in order to get a police clearance certificate:

Step 1:Arrange your application:

  • Pick which service you are to apply for.
  • Follow the instructions and then complete all required forms, specific to your jurisdiction..
  • Have all your required main supporting documentation ready.
  • Send the application to the office or to the online platform, in keeping with your private jurisdiction.

Note that providing incorrect documentation or information are not accepted and can delay the process!

Step 2: send your application:

  • Prepare your own application documentation.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned and return charges shall apply.

Step 3: After Submission:

After lodging your application, it can be tracked online for current status.

The center takes it from here, checks the information and get your certificate done. Then comes the stage of sending the certificate, and the amount of the charge, fee and money will be declared through this step.

Police clearance certificate Lahore online:

The processed online service of getting police certificates has made it easy for applicants to meet their needs. They don’t need to travel or bother the trouble to get at the headquarters of the center in order to get the certificate they need.

If you are applying for a police clearance certificate Lahore online, here is what needed.


  • Original application signed and dated.
  • Period of stay in Pakistan.
  • Three sets of photographs for issuance of Original Certificate.
  • The applicant’s correct address in Pakistan should be included in the letter from where police verification can be made.
  • Printed Copy of Pakistani passport or (CNIC/NICOP).
  • Filling up the application form and sign it.
  • Pre-paid return envelope for applications is sent by mail.

Want to Request letter for police clearance certificate?

Some jobs require a police verification certificate which confirms that the resident does not have any criminal background. An easy way to get it in order to apply for the job is to write a letter for police verification certificate for job purpose. Letters of that kind are not available at many inclusive centres, so you need to check the providers first.

A police certificate, or “Good Conduct Certificate” can be obtained easily from the Ministry of Interior, General Department for Criminal Evidence. The following are necessary requirements:

  • A letter from U.S. Embassy Kuwait City requesting the police certificate.
  • One recent front-view color Photograph.

U.S. citizens and other individuals seeking Kuwait police clearances should be able to obtain a letter of request from their local sponsor, or if they are seeking employment in another country, they can smoothly contact the corresponding embassy.

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Kuwait police clearance certificate Canada

The good conduct certificate differs in name and the mechanism of applying for it from one country or even territory to another. In Canada, you might find it under the name of Criminal Record Check. If you are looking up to a permanent residence in Canada, you will be asked to bring a certificate. On the other hand, if you are just to stay temporary for studying or working, in this case, you may be asked for it. It differs along with the required applications according to the program that you apply to. You can visit  Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for any further questions and more instructions and information in this regard.

If you are a Kuwait resident who wants to get a visa for Canada, You will most properly be asked for this certificate to be translated into the language of your target country, and in this case, would be English. You also might be asked for an affidavit for the translated document. The affidavit is proof that the translation is equivalent to the original text and certified. The translation must be from a certified translator. We provide all the services needed in this regard. Why worry yourself with such details while we can take care of all of it. All you need to do is to get us emailed right away.

All you want to know about police clearance certificate (Abu Dhabi):

you might be wondering what this certificate is and why would anyone need it..!

Well first and foremost, this certificate works as an official evidence from the government that your are a mere citizen abiding the civil law without committing any previous violation to it. You will be mostly asked for this certificate in various situation for it’s needed in situations like; applying to a new job, travelling abroad, applying for a visa etc.

How can I get a police certificate in Abu Dhabi?

There are various ways that you can get the certificate by. You can get it offline by visiting a local Dubai police office after surely manually filling in and submitting all the necessary and regulatory applications and providing the needed papers. OR you can apply for it online from the home. Since Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you can check your police clearance certificate on the Ministry of Interior website, Abu Dhabi department. However, there are some easy manual steps to take, applying for it as following:

  • pay a visit to the Ministry of Interior website then choose the police smart device-PCC.
  • complete all the needed information and pay the requested fees online.
  • request the delivery of the certificate via your registered email or a courier.

It might take some time for the police clearance certificate to be issued whether you applied for it offline or online. It normally takes from 1 day to 3 days to cover and review the acceptable forms of identification and submitted information of the applicants. It might take time to issue a certificate for some reasons including processing and ensuring the credibility of the presented documents, covering the automated online registration process, checking for any missing paper, form, names, clearances, licence, fingerprint, age, mobile phone number, address, images, misleading or false information, etc. the verification and completion of the requirements checklist is a necessity at this step to avoid any delay in the future.

Do I need to have it translated?

If you are a resident in a non-native country, you will go through some situations where you will be asked for this certificate so that the institution you are dealing with whatever it is can check your criminal record. Having it translated will undoubtedly ease lots of procedures for you as you may need it for:

  • applying for a visa
  • immigration
  • applying for study abroad
  • employment

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How to get a police clearance certificate in Bangladesh.

If you are a Bangladeshi individual who is staying abroad and in need of a good conduct certificate, you might be merely able to get it from the respective police station back home. Since you won’t be able to get it directly, a relative of yours can apply for it on your behalf. However, your representative will be asked for some requirements as follow:

  • A direct application to the respective police commissioner of the district ( according to your home residence)
  • A photocopy of the concerned person attested by the consular of the embassy.
  • Pay the determined fees whether through a Bangladeshi bank or online http://echallan.gov.bd/.
  • There might be some additional requirements to be completed.

Dar Alma’ajim as an International reputable certified Company is specialized in this sort of documents and lots of other legal forms and languages.

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