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Professional Medical Reports Translation

Professional Medical Reports Translation from Dar Al-Maajim

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and equipment industries are growing at an accelerated rate, which constitutes an increasing demand for translation of medical reports, practical and laboratory research.

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Due to the nature of medical field and the research carried out by scientific and medical research centers.

Therefore, the outcome of the research process requires many levels of approvals for drugs and medical preparations to enter the market and circulate for human consumption.

And this process of registration and approvals in all countries requires the verification of licenses, research, and documentation in the officially valied language within the appointed countries.

Medical translation from English to Arabic

Medical and pharmaceutical fields are well known for the special challenges that need to be overcome, due to the governing regulations and laws to which companies, hospitals and research institutions are subjected to.

This includes all production, preparation, manufacturing, marketing, extension and training phases, and also to legally apply marketing campaigns and eventually start selling these products and services in the assigned markets.

Pharmaceutical companies exert extreme efforts to successfully cover all cultural and linguistic details that are reflected on the targeted consumers all over the world.

Concerning the sensitivity and vitality of this area and its linkage and ramifications with many other fields, Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company pays great attention while translating any medical reports and documents before submission to government entities and institutions.

Medical Reports translation from English to Arabic


Undoubtedly, translation of medical reports, same as other fields, has no room for redundancy in wording except if highly needed.

That’s because of the specific meanings of the reports that required certain terminologies that get used accurately and specifically.

In other words, each term should be put in the right context. Given that medical reports might include particular medical acronyms and labels, some of which can be originated from the ancient Latin Language, this type of translation requires to be assigned to a language expert who can utilize his linguistic skills, mastery, and wide knowledge of translation field, medical and pharmacological fields.

Thankfully, this quality of translation specialists is already available in the working team of our company, as most of our medical translators are qualified enough to conduct any needed assignment.

Our Translation team is picked carefully according to our standards that require highly educated people with certain academic level practical experience that make them ready to produce accurate translations of wide range of business aspects and areas of expertise.

Medical translation from English to Arabic

The needed standard of translation of medical reports is technically different from other fields, as medical reports and documents should be assigned to a translator who adheres to accuracy and wide familiarity with medical terminology, device names, types of analysis and laboratory research.

Therefore, as we, in Dar Al Maajim, are committed to quality standards and clients instructions in this regard, we always provide high-quality translation that is consistent and compatible with the meaning and cohesion of the original text, to make the translated text clear enough for the recipient without any kind of ambiguity.

On side note, at some cases, our valued clients need to complete the require tasks within tight deadline due to specific request from governmental entities, so we devote specialized team to finalize this task with high efficiency as soon as possible, and hence we can translate about 6000 translation words in one day.

Scientific Medical Terms Translation from English to Arabic

Dar Al-Maajim International Translation Company proudly presents the highest translation quality in the medical field.

Our medical translation services include books, research papers, reports and user manuals for medical devices.

Our company team is consisted of translators of the best level, as they have decent practical experience of fifteen years and more.

The company also appreciates and understands the nature and sensitivity of the medical field reports, research and private medical analyzes.

For this reason, we are willing to sign disclosed agreement to preserve the confidentiality of information.

Medical Terminology Translation from English to Arabic

In most cases, translation of medical reports requires deep understanding of the scientific meaning, in which, literal translation will not be sufficient enough.

Rather, literal translation may cause unfortunate consequences in the produced translated text.

Therefore, we entrust the tasks of this high level of specialty to a linguistic medical specialist who is familiar with common medical terms and terminology, so that the translated text comes out with high quality and accuracy.

A medical report translator can carry on these documents and reports relying on their practical experience and specialization in the medical and pharmaceutical fields concurrently with languages proper knowledge.

Medical Translator

Many of those working in the medical field realize the value of time. Besides, the medical translator is absolutely aware that this translation consumes more time than other types of translations.

As medical translation requires distinctive level of focus and accuracy. And this is exactly what we train and qualify our translators and linguists for, beside that they already have worked in the translation field for many years.

Medical Report Translation ASAP

As mentioned previously, we, in Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company, understand the cruciality of Time factor in the translation process overall.

More specifically, Medical Translation Request are usually required to meet tight deadlines. Therefore, our role is almost meant to facilitate the process of translating medical reports in the shortest possible time.

If you’re wondering how Dar Al Maajim can translate medical reports in such high level of sufficiency, so we proudly confirm again that we are honored with having a staff of elite certified medical translators and language experts who spent years of education and practical experience in the fields of linguistics and medical specialties, as well as having proper knowledge and experience necessary to come out with the translation in the best possible way.

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Patients Medical Reports Translation

Medical Translation is not only about lab research or companies reports. But also people who have medical or treatment trip face many barriers and difficulties before travelling and when they come back.

This is because most of them need certified translation for their medical case reports to be able to transmit all the information smoothly to the medical entities abroad.

Therefore, we at Dar Al Maajim decided to start providing our esteemed clients with this service that enable them from finalizing all their requirements in just one place including all kinds of required accreditations.

So, we are ready to prepare an integrated and comprehensive file of medical reports that they have in Arabic and translate them into English or German depending on the country in which they are willing to travel.

On another note, some people attempt to translate their reports automatically using artificial intelligence programs that are not accurate enough translate the medical reports.

This may lead to terrifying consequences, because, as mentioned before, medical reports need to be translated with the highest level of accuracy to ensure delivering the medical message properly.

that is exactly why we assure you that our team enjoys sufficient practical experience and competence after working for more than 15 years in the medical translation industry.

This enables us in Dar Al Maajim to present leading style of translation services to our clients.

Medical Translation for Pharmaceutical Companies and Factories

Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions seek to open new markets for their services and products to achieve highest possible incomes and profits.

Pharmaceutical industries, medical devices and equipment are highly technical, which means that they should be done top multinational companies to deliver them in the international markets, which imposes the cruciality of the accuracy and clarity of the meaning of texts translated.

The importance of translation according to quality standards in this area lies in clarity.

For example, doctors, patients, and medical devices specialists and technicians make their purchasing decision on these translated texts.

The patient needs to receive the highest accurate information regarding his health condition.

Therefore, Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company is always ready to provide our esteemed clients with top quality translation services for their medical reports before submitting them to the official entities here in Kuwait like Patients Helping Fund Association or Treatment Abroad Management Association.

Translation of Medical Research

We Also offer timely translation services for medical research through all the phases of verification and production.

There is always a need for medical translation in all phases of pharmaceutical industry.

This gets done through research stages that required ongoing approval and verification of international authorities and quality control entities.

Even after the verification phase, we are ready to translate any related documents that are needed before selling the new products in the local or international market.

And here specifically lies Dar Al-Maajim Translation Company area of expertise.

As we offer the service of translating medical report from English into Arabic and vice versa, depending on its capability to conduct accurate and certified translation on all levels, contributing to pharmaceutical companies’ expansion process and success in global markets.

For more information and inquiries about the services provided by the company, please visit us or send your inquiries and requests via e-mail.

Our valued customers can also benefit and communicate via the WhatsApp service to facilitate them, you can find our contact information at the end of the page.

The Mechanism of Medical Reports Translation

This area of expertise is so specific that it gets educated by many international universities that teach their students wide range of vocabulary and grammar to gain required language skills for the practical use to qualify them.

Besides, many students, researchers and medical workers seek to develop their abilities in this field.

That’s why many of them ask about the mechanism of proper medical translation, In order to answer this question, it is necessary to know a lot of details related to this specialization

Given the vitality and sensitivity of medical reports content, this field requires high level of  linguistic knowledge and practical medical experience be able to conduct successful translation text.

Students and trainees should first master the understanding of medical terminology and abbreviations, as well as being very well trained on how to write and formulate medical reports and research in the original language and in the various medical specifications:

Heart and blood vessels, general surgery, internal medicine, bones, … etc.

In addition, having a proper knowledge of medical reports and laboratory analyzes is a must, also their understanding of language skills is a must so that they can accurately translate their medical report content.

Generally, Those who seek working in this specialization should firstly understand the general meaning of translation science to be able to transfer the meaning of the reports and research in the best possible manner.

In many cases, official authorities in the State of Kuwait require patient’s medical report translated into Arabic, and sometimes while preparing for traveling for treatment abroad, the patient needs medical reports in English, and accordingly, the requirements vary according to the entity that will receive the report

Therefore, it is a must to master the two languages that the medical report will be translated from and into, to be capable of delivering a successful translation task.

Furthermore, the translator should be very knowledgeable regarding medical terminology in both languages and be able to write proper structured content according to medical dictionaries.

To Conclude, we at Dar Al-Maajim International Translation Company are pleased to provide this specific type of translation of medical reports and research from and to any pair of languages.

This can be only done by assigning our clients’ request to our top quality team to make it possible to deliver your documents and reports to the directed authorities and entities.

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