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Ottoman Texts Translation

May 31, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

Ottoman Texts Translation

Translating Ottoman texts is a job whom specialists are rare. Because it’s considered an uncommon language. Therefore, it is difficult to translate Ottoman texts from or into English, French, German or Arabic.

Such a language requires specialized translators who are familiar with Ottoman language and culture, as they will be able to conduct successful translation for papers and documents with high quality and meaningful transition.

As reading Ottoman language documents and understanding its details requires careful consideration while transferring them to other languages. Ottoman documents have a special importance for researchers and scholars who are interested in the Ottoman era.

as these texts and the translation of Ottoman documents are an indispensable source, in addition to being a rich reference for any facts that occurred in successive historical periods in the Ottoman era.

That is why we are proficient in a translation from Ottoman to Arabic and vice versa and from Ottoman to many other languages, like Ottoman to French, Ottoman to English, and Ottoman to German​​.

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Ottoman Documents Translation

Many of the requests we received in Dar Al Maajim to translate Ottoman texts might include real original texts, while some of which are not accurate enough. Because many people try to enhance their marketing campaigns using non-originally written Ottoman texts that can be misleading.

The owners of these manuscripts believe that if they translated or understood their content, it could lead them to buried treasures dating back to the Ottoman era and a period of prosperity in the Ottoman provinces. Therefore, we always seek to provide our clients with accurate information and guide them throughout.

Ancient Ottoman Language Translation

Researchers and historians who are specialized in studying Ottoman language in the Islamic world are aware of the importance of an Ottoman Arabic translation.

Because they are fully aware that Ottoman original documents are very rich with information about history of the Arabian Peninsula, as ancient Turkish people used to rely on writing and documenting all the related details to the Ottoman empire in general.

Until 1925, all documents had been written in the Ottoman language, as the Ottoman Empire was at the peak of its power and prosperity until the coming of Ataturk, who came and changed the writing system completely.

There are more than two million documents that monitored the history of the Arabian Peninsula and are being researched due to their critical importance and the variety of details mentioned about Medina, the city of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Hence, this clarifies the cruciality of translating Ottoman texts through accurate translation without errors, and this is why Westerns tend to request the translation of the Ottoman Empire into English, and the Arabs tend to translate from Ottoman to Arabic. And we, at Dar Al Maajim International are totally aware of this fact, so we have a well-built system and qualified team who is team to provide our esteemed clients with top notch translation quality.

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Ottoman Vocabulary meaning

The Ottoman language was the predominant language in the Ottoman Empire period, and it is the language circulated in all kinds of correspondence between the Ottoman Empire during widening of its territory are.

This explains the large number of Ottoman documents between the Ottoman states and non-Islamic countries.

We, at Dar Al-Maajim Kuwait International Translation Company, encourage researchers and publishing organizations to study these documents properly.

As they are regarded as a valuable treasure of the Islamic heritage. That is why we also provide a translation service for Ottoman texts and translation of Ottoman words, and we provide an Ottoman language translation with high quality and accuracy by a group of the most qualified translators and linguists specialized in the Ottoman language.

Ottoman Language Translation

Researchers and scholars do not need to translate from Ottoman into Arabic or vice versa, or even bother in order to know the huge volume of Ottoman documents and texts.

It is also possible to find a huge amount of manuscripts and images, as the number of Ottoman documents related to the city of Jerusalem is at least 5 million documents.

Therefore, this confirms the necessity of translating The Ottoman Empire language to many other languages and specially Arabic, English, and French.

Ottoman Texts Translation - Ottoman Texts Translation
Ottoman Texts Translation

Besides, there are other many Arab and Islamic cities on which there are millions and thousands of documents, such as Medina, Mecca, Cairo, Basra, Beirut, Tripoli, Baghdad, the Levant, and other cities.

These documents contain detailed, accurate information about each of these cities. All the information is related to its economic, political, and social conditions. These documents also have detailed information on the names of places, cities, tribes, and the salaries that were earned by state employees.

Therefore, Dar Al Maajim International Company dedicates a specialized team of most qualified translators to enable the company from providing the clients with this rare service that can hugely benefit them in their affairs and studies.

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