Book translation services

May 31, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

Book translation services

Are you a researcher? Writer? Author? Student? Business man? You write books and you are willing to increase the readability scale of your Book? Then, Book Translation is the key answer for your inquiry.

Dar Al Maajim International Translation Services should be your destination to finalize this pending task, because we are Kuwait and Gulf Area Market leaders in the specific field of book translations among multiple languages to approach more audiences. Book Translation is one of the most complicated and sensitive fields of translation.

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Book translation services

Translation a book can be vital to expand knowledge to an international scale, such as cookbook biographies, technical services books, business related books, music, nursing, syllabus, story book, culture books and so on.

To Lead such an integrating service, we ensure that the translator has a thorough understanding of the subject so that he can carefully transmit the same information to foreign readers without causing any confusion for readers.

With our high quality and collaborative book translation services, you can transmit the meaning your stories context, innovative and even academic contexts to international audience, while we translate word by word into multiple languages for your target readers from many countries.

We are, in Dar Al Maajim International Translation Services, are providing full translation service for books. We translate full books or parts of it; like introduction, specific chapter, and so on. In current life pace, people are using online platforms for all life purposes; including business, education, communication, and working.


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So, having a book content translated for many languages can push its popularity in an incredible matter. Not only that, you can request translating a specific book to help yourself to study well and understand the content of some material from different languages.

All these services are presented to our esteemed clients upon decent rates and a clear pricing system.

Best books may record best-sellers in their own language, while such a readability average could be doubled, and sometimes tripled upon translating them into global languages.

Ready book translation services are your gate into doubled chances of publishing your academic document, handbook, textbook, research papers, manual, comics, and even a magazine. Professionally- translated copies of books submit to standard translation level to deliver the best services at a low cost.

With the supply of our administration network, we are offering writers a wide range of verified systems to choose from. Being leading service providers, we offer numerous international languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese.

With the help of our creative experiences with familiar publication issues, success in the books translation services sector, and dealing with universal companies, our capacity to handle book translation is of high standards.

We are a leading book translation company that offers a standard quality of linguistic services. We are committed to delivering accurately- processed documents produced by a team of experts. Being fully aware of the authors’ requirements is an essential factor upon which we build our connections with the clients.

We provide due care to every detail concerned with the workflow of the translation process and inform our clients of the most up-to-date procedures to meet their requirements and satisfy their needs. Our service is well monitored to ensure clarity and enjoyment.

Since we keep ourselves aware of the radical studies in the translation industry, we consider ourselves a promising Book Translation Agency with global awareness of a writer’s demands, a client’s worries concerning financial issues and delivery fees, and time complications.

We offer a variety of book translation services on pre-determined agreed-upon plans. You can read more about our business plot to target source and target languages, define required foreign languages, and specific cultural nature of your book.

Meet our language specialists at our department at the different headquarters of our agency to identify the special translation dynamics, and agree upon the suitable workflow for you.

Our expert translators shall provide a wide range of choices that cater to clients’ requirements and domains that may include: History, Fictions, Educational, Legal, Architecture, Social and sociocultural, Biotechnology, Industrial, Commercial and economics, Engineering ,Mathematics, Novels and Stories, and any relevant field; offered with efficacy and great value addition.

professional book translation services

Dar Al Maajim firm book translation services is exceptional, as we have an integrated service that is top quality and offered in least possible time. Every single book has different perspectives and flow of content according to its area of expertise.

But, once we checked your book translation request, your inquiry gets handled in a smooth manner by a full team who can assess you in a record time. We also help you overcome language barriers as we handle location-limited access through our professional book translation services platform.

Check our website to be updated of the advancement of the services offered in-hand, along with an instant response to all clients’ requests. With our display tools and excellent protocol guide; you may experience a visionary service of translation free of charge.

Enjoy the domestic display of our online services with easy-to-reach contact with our management team to structure your plan.

At Dar Al Maajim International Translation Services we exert most optimum efforts to achiever the development of every project of editorial translation services is delivered on time and perfectly adapted to your needs.

So we make sure to listen to your time constraints and offer our book quality translation according to your schedules, without ever losing quality. Ensuring affordable prices for all the customers we work with.

Translation of books is a time-consuming task. If this is the first time you’re looking for an online book translation service, you’re in the right place! Our clients are not only self-publishers and global editorials with series of fiction translations, but we also accept student and author projects.

Book translation service

Getting a maximum return on investment from your books means being global and international and translating them into other languages., either European, American, or Asian languages.

Statistics clarify that 72% of readers prefer content in their native language, 67% of books are published in non-English countries, and the potential number of readers in these countries ranges between 45-50% higher. But translation is not all what you need to make your new readers engaged.

It is important to always take into account local cultures. That’s why our qualified postgraduate linguists are also localization experts.

We cover the entire spectrum of editorial translation using our knowledge and technology: academic books, fiction, encyclopedias, textbooks and training manuals, theological books, medical books, machine control material, university books, school books, national, literary, management and development books, institute books, museum books and magazines, country policies books, government books, environmental energy books, electric books, medicine books, theory books, teaching books, psychology and behavior books, political books, security books, civil books, children books, imaginary books, and variety of sciences like biology and ethnology.

We worked with authors and publishers on translation, proofreading, copying, typography, cover design and e-books.

Also note that when translating into some languages, the content can be up to 20% longer. That is why we offer a DTP and typography service that prepares the text for publication.

Experienced, multilingual linguists are assigned to guarantee the highest levels of accurate, modern, and specialized translation practice. Our team of translators is highly- qualified to produce book translations at both large projects and individual focus.

We provide sustainable utilization of safety-based software such as private contact lists and safe mode.

Our editors are skillful in dealing with various areas of expertise such as proofreading technical forms, editing advanced pdf format, understanding denotations, monitoring multicultural contexts, manage typesetting, and mind religious backgrounds.

Authors write their books with extensive care for word meaning, whereas our translators translate books with adapted content to guarantee the original perspective.

Book translation services cost

Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings, language combinations and experience industries. As our multilingual network has grown, our ability to offer additional languages and thematic areas of expertise.

At Dar Al Maajim International Translation Services, we are proud to exceed customer expectations, from submission to completion of the project.

Moreover, what makes us more special service provider in Kuwait and Gulf Translation market, is the amazing pricing system we offer to our customers.

We have compatible rates with the services quality we provide. We specialize in translation, but also we care about our clients success, because we think of strategic partnerships with our customers and clients.

Once we receive our request in person or online, we care to provide our clients with full visibility on the budgeting and timing of his request as early as possible. We have a clear background on all fields that clients might need help with, that’s why our answer is always prompt and fast.

Book companies that need translation services

Authors are always eager to expand and enlarge the base of readers for their published books. However, readers generally hesitate to read a book that is not in their native language. That is why translating a book is a crucial factor to enhance the readability of your book.

Translation of books can help business team to enhance their profit, and can help a student to graduate, or a professor to improve his scientific content.

Reading in a second or third language is difficult, tedious and can be exhausting. We provide this integrated translation service to ensure the clarity and high beneficial value for readers of all kinds of books (fiction, non-fiction, educational, technical, reference, and others.).

If you want to deepen your content, think of multilingual audio voice talent to provide audio book versions in common languages.

Authors write about topics in which they have experience. Readers who are not as familiar with the subject may find the translated word by word content unclear, non reliable, worse or offensive.

We not only translate, but we make sure that your work is also localized. With an exceptional focus on detail, we can translate, review, edit and design your document for your new international readers.

Educational book translation services

One of the vast areas in Book Translation field is educational book translation services. Most of the content that needs to be translated is educational books and reports. because scientists usually write a paper or a book in their own language.

Then, it is the role of translators to expand this knowledge internationally to guarantee that most people can benefit from this resource. most of universities and school books are translated from Arabic, Latin, Asian langnuages to English, German, French and others.

Educational books are still reproductive, that is why Dar Al Maajim International Translation services has a specialized team for educational books translation services.

We always learn in order to add more services and enhance the capabilities of our team members, that is why we can now translation educational books that are: medical, legal, engineering, mathematical, scientific, political, historical, sociological, society texts, encyclopedia, chemistry and organic chemistry, video scripts, economic books, and more.

That is why everyone in the educational field can benefit from our translation company starting from students up to professors.


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