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Scientific and Academic Research Translation Office in Kuwait

Jun 11, 2021 @ 10:23 pm

Scientific Research Translation Office

The widely-known American philosopher and critic, George Steiner, says: “without translation, we would have lived in locked places that aspire to silence.” Keeping in mind the long and tiring journey that writers, publishers, authors, students and researchers face while translating their books or papers, we, as a scientific research translation office, save their time and  provide them with a precious service of accurate translation. Besides, we guarantee them top translation quality with the lowest possible cost.

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Scientific and Academic Research Translation Office in Kuwait

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We in Dar Al Maajim International Translation office are offering with top notch quality, translation for scientific and academic research from and into many pairs of languages, including: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Dutch, German, Italian, Croatian. In addition to Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, Bengali and Bulgarian.

So we are capable to cover clients needs from all over the world and to prepare their documents to any possible destination.

We also provide unique style of narration that comprehends all your required terminology and expressions, which enables you get your outcome of translation easily, in addition to a pioneering editing package that enables you to check the spelling of sentences and paragraphs to obtain a solid translation of high quality.

Scientific Research Translation Website

Many students, researchers and writers struggle when they have to translate medical documents and papers. Therefore, it usually takes them long time searching for a high quality translation office for their scientific research, either for their undergraduate and graduate, or while publishing scientific papers for universities or companies. This type of service requires accuracy, professionalism, and avoid word-to-word translating, which leads to poor formulation, losing content true meaning, and disturbing the common sense.

Therefore, we always recommend that you target a professional and well-known office that is specialized in this exact field due to the scientific and academic terms included in the needed content.

Therefore, this requires specific knowledge and familiarity with the scientific or academic language transferred from as well as the targeted language.

Academic Research Translation Office in Kuwait

Dar Al-Maajim International Company for Certified Translation is always eager to improve the quality of services provided to our valued clients either they are researchers or writers in all scientific, academic and literary disciplines. Furthermore, we in Dar Al-Maajim provide an integrated package of services that students, authors and publishing entities are looking for.

For instance, we offer a leading editing service that enables clients s to check any spelling errors in their texts and documents before translation.

We also provide academic research translation service to obtain a high-quality professional outcome that is easy for the reader to understand and study.

There is no need anymore to look for an independent freelancer or a friend to complete your translation requests. As Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company is always ready to provide you with a reliable translation that is already certified and ready to be presented as university letters and research.

It is not even recommended to use translation e-platforms on that might cause inaccurate translation output. Because scientific research and paper that should be presented to universities or companies must be translated properly by someone who is specialist and familiar with both academic field and translation science.

Dar Al-Maajim also present for our esteemed clients all these services at valuable pricing package accompanied with top translation quality through all our branches branches located in: Switzerland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as in Kuwait at the Scientific Research Translation Office located in Salmiya, not far from the American University of Kuwait.

Scientific Papers and Publications Translation


Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company assists thousands of researchers, university students, writers and Scholars from Kuwait and Arab Gulf countries, who need translation services to be presented to American and European universities. Therefore, we always seek to guarantee our clients professional academic translations that will look appealing for their purposes.

Dar Al-Maajim services within the Office of Academic Research Translation are not limited to translating vocabulary and paragraphs only, but we can work on:

– English Research Translation

– Arabic Research Translation

– Accounting and Economic Research Translation

– Engineering Research Translation

– Legal Research Translation

– Technical Research Translation

– Scientific Research Translation

We Also provide our esteemed clients with integrated service packages that comprehend translation of documents to be presented to Governmental and Scientific Authorities and Entities. We Also can deal with files with all extensions, such as: PDF, XIs, Word, PMP, and JPEG.

Click Here To Call Us Now 0096597125307

Click Here To Call Us Now 0096597214491

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For inquiries and further details about our most recent offers and pricing schemes, please send us an email to: translate@dmjtranslation.com

You can also use the WhatsApp service by calling or texting us at: + 965-97125307 or visit contact us

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