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Dar Al Maajim Certified Translation Services

Dar Al Maajim International Translation Company

Officially Verified Translated Services in Kuwait, delivered to you by most qualified translators at best prices, enough time before your deadline and with all quality standards.

What is Dar Al Maajim?

An integrated team consisting of a group of most highly qualified translators, linguists, authors and writers in the field of languages ​​and translation. Our team is distinguished by professional experience and linguistic knowledge in providing the best language solutions and translation of all documents from all disciplines/fields and all applicable official languages.

Since year of establishment, Dar Al Maajim has become one of the fastest growing companies in the field of languages ​​and translation in the Kuwaiti market. We have an effective presence in Arab Gulf countries and Europe with our verified services. Our team also is well known for its high sense of dedication, accuracy, and high-end customer service to deliver our language services in the most optimum possible style and gain the confidence and satisfaction of our valued clients.

What do our clients think of Dar Al Maajim?

“I was impressed by the quality and efficiency that I experienced while dealing with the company. Even though the company is still classified as a small business, all my requests were done neatly and perfectly in a wonderful manner that reflects advanced level of management and pioneering style of work.

All of that is clear enough and evident throughout all the operations needed to fulfill my requests. Furthermore, Dar Al Maajim is clearly imposing an environment that provided its employees with energetic and active vibes while working. It is truly the best experience for a place that provides Certified translation services in Kuwait”.


Our Motive

Dar Al Maajim Team is distinguished with wide horizons of knowledge, so we are confident yet humble and distinctive with our high spirit while pursuing the company’s success story. Therefore, Dar Al Maajim company is considering its team as the best investment option, to keep delivering the highest possible quality of outcome depending on accountable employees and language specialists.

Hence, do not hesitate to have a unique experience of being part of our success journey while we are fulfilling your requests and adding a value to your esteemed affairs.

Dar Al Maajim Translation Quality

We are totally aware that our esteemed clients always seek high quality standards, accuracy and strict commitment through implementing their translation projects. Therefore, Dar Al Maajim exerts great efforts to maintain the high quality of translation required to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Dar Al Maajim as a Verified Translation Company

Dar Al-Maajem Translation Company, a Kuwaiti company working and operating in accordance with Kuwaiti law. We are a certified company by all governmental entities, associations, and embassies in Kuwait, as the company provides certified translation in Kuwait throughout more than 20 pair of languages ​​and in all fields of expertise.

Are you looking for certified translation in Kuwait? Many people benefit from the translation services we provide, as we offer integrated language solutions for the government and private business sectors, in addition to educational and research institutions such as universities and schools. We also make our services available to individuals to translate any needed personal and business documents with an accurate official translation.

A Verified Translation Company in Salmiya

Many of our esteemed clients confirm that Dar Al-Maajim deserves to be ranked as one of the top Verified Translation Companies in Al Salmiya and Kuwait in general, due to the high sense of professionalism and accuracy that the company is absolutely committed to. Furthermore, Dar Al Maajim has a team of best translators and linguists who are deeply experienced with translating all types of technical and non-technical documents. The company is also distinguished by the quality translation done by the team that delivers a human-made translation that assures accurate transition among different pairs of language without interrupting the intended meaning, as we realize the amount of damage that one written mistake can lead to.

It’s not easy to keep our high sense of commitment to provide a package of distinctive services with a reasonable profit margin going concurrently. But, We, in Dar Al Maajim, are dedicating our steps to a plan that is designed carefully to keep our rate of requests compatible with our capacity of translation. That’s because we always seek to maintain the highest possible level of client satisfaction that will provide us with sustainable growth in Kuwait Market.

How can you asses your choice of a Verified Translation Company in Salmiya or everywhere else? The criteria for this critical decision is depending on many factors, including: dedication and professionalism, work quality, and reasonable pricing system. Moreover, a good translation office should be reputable for its high integrity standards to keep clients secrets and handle all their requests smoothly.

In this context, we do not show our true capability, we just reflect the feedback of our esteemed clients who used to accomplish any pending translation tasks, that are related to them individually or to their businesses, throughout our office, and even refer us to whoever needs translation services. As an accredited translation office in Kuwait, we are keen to appoint the best linguistically qualified specialists and orient them practically to acquire the essential knowledge of the market and culture of the region from which the texts to be translated from and into.

Dear esteemed client, while looking for the best option as a Translation Company in Al Salmiya or in Kuwait or Gulf Region in general, to translate and finalize your pending tasks.

Please consider on the top of your mind that the best option will not be the one who offer cheapest services,

as translation is one kind of art that transfer the text from one language to another while keeping the same meaning exactly.

Hence, Translation is a tough technical work that needs to be done by language specialists.

Here we should recall a valuable quote from our esteemed scientist, Professor Dr. Muhammad Anani, about his description of translation: “The problem is that whoever knows couple of English words thinks he is able to translate. A translator does not become qualified enough until he passes through a super exhausting phase in which he works for few years on a daily bases translating all fields of expertise and disciplines, and this is what I did. ”- Dr. Mohamed Anani.

As a certified translation center in Salmiya, we believe that the process of translation itself is not merely replacing words with others.

but rather is more like highlighting the true meaning of the text in the other language, then building wording structurally.

That’s because there are art and linguistic skills that require translation specialist to transfer the text with full meaning from one language to another keeping words coherence that make you enjoy reading.

Jean Delisle pointed out specific factors that determine the translator level of efficiency that he should possess four competencies: “linguistic competence with knowledge of the language rules, encyclopedic competence with knowledge of the world and its physical and intellectual components, competence of understanding through interpretation the material of the contents, competence of re-expression by controlling Editing Techniques ”.

Accredited Translation Offices in Kuwait

Dar Al-Maajim is well known for providing the best language solutions in the field of translation to its esteemed clients, individuals, companies, and local and international institutions.

This is part of its sustainable strategy for continuous contribution to our clients’ development and growth in either existing and new market.

If you are looking for translation offices in Kuwait, then you’re more than welcome to visit the main office of of Dar Al-Maajim Official Translation Company in Salmiya.

we are keen to achieve the best results for your work through accurate translation of any type of required documents.

Our team is fully dedicated to making you satisfied and providing variety of language integrated solutions to develop products.

services, and marketing and promotional content that needed for your different business aspects.

Eventually, this will lead to high level of gratification for your valued customers and achieve your business vision.

This can be achieved only through proper translation and creative marketing content that an elite group of linguists and professional marketers work on.

Because we believe in successful partnership and constructive cooperation, we are happy to share success and lighten different business paths with our valued customers.

For inquiries and further details about our most recent offers and pricing schemes, please send us an email to: translate@dmjtranslation.com

You can also use the WhatsApp service by calling or texting us at: +965-97125307

Translation services in Kuwait

Dar Al Maajim Translation Services is a leading translation agency offering top-notch conference interpretation and translation services in Kuwait and over the internet.

Dar Al Maajim Accredited Translation Company in Kuwait - Dar Al Maajim Certified Translation Services
Dar Al Maajim Accredited Translation Company in Kuwait

you can also talk to us or reaching our offices in Salmiya

If you are living or working in Kuwait, you can also talk to us or reaching our offices in Salmiya, after the American University of Kuwait (AUK). We are one of the Middle Eastern top translation companies who offer high quality services at affordable prices. Here at Dar Al Maajim International, we offer professional translation services for personal and business matters.

We are working only with the top linguists and have recruited tens of expert language translators. Our services are available worldwide ensuring no-one is left without quality translation and our clients receive premium translation services in Kuwait and all over the globe.


We focus on motivating our human assets

We focus on motivating our human assets that’s why our translation services in Kuwait are of high quality one. Our translation company was established in 2018 with the purpose of helping companies and individuals convey the right message and communicate effectively with rest of the world.

Our employed team are vetted professional linguists to process and translate all document translations into over 20 languages combinations such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic etc.

Dar Al Maajim Accredited Translation services in Kuwait - Dar Al Maajim Certified Translation Services
Dar Al Maajim Accredited Translation Services in Kuwait

we’ve translated thousands of legal, financial, technical, marketing, and medical documents

To date, we’ve translated thousands of legal, financial, technical, marketing, and medical documents such as technical manuals, agreements, statement of financial positions, employee handbooks, marketing flyers, restaurant menus, birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts, just to name a few. We work hard to serve each and every client with outstanding service.

We welcome and accept clients from all locations

We welcome and accept clients from all locations in Kuwait and even those in different countries by submitting their documents to us electronically via: website, email, WhatsApp text message or messenger platforms.



When it comes to quality, we are fully aware and confident that Machine translation such as Google Translate cannot handle complex topics on legal terminology, medical, nor technical terms human.

Our human native translators still offer the unparalleled level of quality and expert domain knowledge. Accordingly we deliver premium translation services in Kuwait and several countries in the world. We can’t risk our clients’ data or our reputation.

As a leading translation services provider in Kuwait, we developed our own set of rules and standards that we adhere to in order to maintain outstanding quality and anticipated user experience with every client works with us.

Dar Al Maajim Accredited Translation Services in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the most dynamic countries in the middle east due to its community distinctive nature that is mixing many people with multiple cultural, educational, and linguistic backgrounds. Furthermore, Kuwait is one of the most attractive countries for business start-ups and multinational companies’ expansion operation.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have the proper Translation Services in Kuwait. Dar Al Maajim is a leading office that offers the required services for its customers that are related to translating between lots of pairs of languages.

How can you benefit from the aspect of Translation Services in Kuwait?

Infallible, cost-effective services that enable to expand your business inside or outside Kuwait. Besides, dealing with professionally communicative and responsive team that is keen on accomplishing your tasks as soon as possible.

Not only that, one of the translation services in Kuwait available in our office is to provide the clients with most recent technological tools to facilitate many options that meet customers need.

Dar Al Maajim for Translation services in Kuwait offering multiple packages the fit all clients needs from different technical backgrounds. A wide range of language solutions are available for local and international companies that require any kind of translation services.

Our job is to customize our services to fit into our clients needs and purposes whatsoever. We offer all of the available translation services that are not even applicable nor available in other offices.

For example, localizing contents sin a suitable context, translation between multiple pairs of languages, interpretation of current texts, and content management options.

Dar Al Maajim is a certified private translation office based in Salmiya. Having a specific vision with a clear mission of providing all translation services in Kuwait for customers either they are corporates, offices, companies or individuals. We make translation solutions as easy as possible and we make the problems that face our customers solved in a professional way.


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